My favorite iPad apps

I recently shared my favorite iPhone apps, so I thought I should follow up with apps that I love on the iPad. There is some overlap in my iPhone and iPad apps, but some apps are just better suited to one device over another. And some, like Flipboard, are only for the iPad (for now, at least). Since I got my iPad last summer, it has replaced my iPhone for most of my extended reading and web surfing when I’m away from my Mac. I actually prefer reading on the iPad to reading on my 24″ iMac, though I still do most of my writing on the Mac. Here are apps you should consider if you’ve got an iPad:
My iPad home screen

Instapaper ($4.99) – It’s great on the iPhone, but I use this app even more on the iPad as my go-to reading collection. As you’re browsing the internet and come across articles and posts you want to read but don’t have time at the moment, simply click the “Read Later” bookmarklet on your browser. Later when you open the app on your iPad, all your saved articles are there. You can even read them offline. Set up a free account to get started.

Reeder ($4.99) – A simple, elegant app for reading your Google Reader feeds. (If you’re not using Google Reader or some other RSS reader… why not?)
Flipboard (free) – It’s like your own personalized magazine for the iPad. Read the news and online content in a beautiful, intuitive design. Load in your Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr accounts to browse those sites in a whole new way.
Kindle (free) – iBooks is prettier, but Kindle offers more book choices and syncs my books with all my devices so I can continue reading where I left off on my iPad, iPhone, or Mac.
Weather HD ($0.99) – See the weather simulated in HD videos. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but it makes checking the weather fun.
Penultimate ($1.99) – Write or sketch in this notebook with your finger. Nicely done.
ESV Bible (free) – Easy and quick to move between passages.
Amazon Windowshop (free) –‘s iPad app makes it a breeze to scroll through their site.
Google Earth (free) – “Hold the world in the palm of your hand.” This app continues to amaze and delight.
Keynote ($9.99) – I prefer Keynote to Powerpoint, and the iPad app is useful for tweaking and rehearsing a presentation. Plus, you can connect the iPad to a projector to show your slides to a large audience.
Omnifocus ($39.99) – Yes, it’s very expensive. But it’s the most powerful and versatile task management system I’ve tried. I’m all in with the iPhone and Mac apps of this, too, but the iPad version is the most intuitive and delightful. I do weekly reviews only on the iPad version.
Twitter (free) – Twitter’s official iPad app took some getting used to, but I like it and continue to find ways to get more out of it.
Simplenote (free) – This is my primary note-taking/text entry app. Your notes will synchronize with all your devices and be saved in the cloud through the Simplenote site.
TED Talks (free) – I jokingly tell the college students I work with they should just drop out and instead spend their time watching TED Talks for their education. TED Talks plus a comprehensive Google Reader stream actually would provide a pretty good education.
Evernote (free) – The ultimate collection bucket. Load it up with any information you might want or need later. It even scans photos for text.
Dropbox (free) – “Dropbox is the easiest way to sync and share your files online and across computers.” Agreed. Put your documents and images in Dropbox and you can access them anywhere you’ve got access to the internet.
GarageBand ($4.99) – Just, wow. I’m no musician, and I can create music with this app. If you want to show off the iPad to any doubters, load up this app. Apple designed this one and set the bar high for other app developers.
Flixster (free) – My favorite “what’s at the theaters?” app.
Canabalt ($2.99) – I’m not a gamer, but this is fun for an occasional diversion.
Fruit Ninja ($2.99) – This fun, easy game is great to show off the iPad. Excellent use of the touchscreen.
I’ll need a whole, separate post to share the iPad apps that my kids love. And they do LOVE the iPad. Even my 3-year-old knows how to navigate this device. She has no problem finding and using the apps she likes.
Let me know if you have some favorite iPad apps to recommend.

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