EJ’s blog is moving to ExcellentJourney.net

This is the last post on this long-neglected site. I’ve staked a claim to a new corner of the internet where I plan to be more diligent and brilliantly prolific. (Or prolifically brilliant…?) So, if you want to follow along, click on over to ExcellentJourney.net. (I wanted a clean slate and my very own URL.) […]

My favorite iPad apps

I recently shared my favorite iPhone apps, so I thought I should follow up with apps that I love on the iPad. There is some overlap in my iPhone and iPad apps, but some apps are just better suited to one device over another. And some, like Flipboard, are only for the iPad (for now, at least). Since […]

My favorite iPhone apps

I get asked regularly by fellow iPhone users what my favorite apps are. Especially for someone new to iOS, getting started with apps can be kid-in-the-candy-store overwhelming and sneaky expensive. Those dollars add up quickly, and I rarely use the majority of apps I’ve purchased over the past three years. Here are the iPhone apps […]

Dawg Camp letter: “Get the picture.”

I’ve been asked to speak at the University of Georgia’s “Dawg Camp” for new first-year students. It’s a weekend event for entering freshmen who want to get a head-start on making the most of their college experience. I spoke to this group a few years ago, and it was a high energy group. Of course, […]

Mind-stretching books

A former student of mine recently dropped in when she was in town. As she left, she asked me to recommend some books I think she ought to read. I get this request regularly from students, so here’s a short list I put together off the top of my head. These books have stretched me […]